iflex.app 2.0

Block capture with the most advanced features ever

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iflex Features

Simple to use, easy to Block

You do not need to be an expert to use the system. Select your warehouse filters, minimum time duration or price, start time, visualize your block calendar and estimated earningsand forfeit blocks from one place.

Friendly Interface

We are drivers too, and we think about all our needs. Organized, simple and easy to use with the proper functions.

Preview your Calendar

Manage your blocks from a single interface, forfeit or organize your time according to your calendar.

Setup the Filters

We know you're picky. Set your filters by start time, value, or duration of the block or which warehouse do you want.

and Press the button

completing your filter selection will only take 1 minute. Then press the green button and relax. We do the hard work!

Perfect Integration

Forget about lost blocks and keep your hub an up!

Receive a text message and email immediately have a work available.You will never lose a work in your calendar.

Set up an alternate phone number per account.Receive notifications on both devices.

You will receive a notification in the iflex.app window immediately after an offer is captured.Additionally, see the block on your calendar instantly with the new auto-sync feature without refresh the page.

Less is more

Filters that adapt to your needs

At iflex we offer you many search configuration options. It is just one click away to make the appropriate configuration that suits your requirements.

LOCATIONS:Locate the blocks in your warehouse of preference.

START TIME:Set your start time and sleep without interruptions.

BLOCK DURATION:You can search the blocks by duration time.

BLOCK PRICE:And if time is not what matters. Filter blocks by value $$.

RESERVED BLOCKS:If you don't have time for immediate blocks, activate this function when you only want to capture reserved blocks. Otherwise you can capture regular and reserved blocks at the same time.


Why People Use iflex.app

Here are some reviews of how the experience of some clients using our system has been

Thanks to iflexI have better organized my time and be more productive while sharing more with my family.



I was skeptical at first, but the results were better than expected.



Excelente atención por parte de todo el equipo iflex,te guían en todo el proceso hasta ponerte en marcha. Cualquier duda puedes contactarles, están dispuestos a asistirle mas allá de su servicio. Recomendado sin ninguna duda con amigos y familiares.



Unlimited Access

Ready to Try iflex.app?

We have more features included in any membership. Make arrival and turn on the instant offers button.

Forget about being late. Be more productive with your time and organize your work schedule more productively. Set your start time, so it doesn't interrupt your sleep as you continue to catch blocks.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

We create plans that adapt to your comfort
Available to start at any time

iflex 7 DAYS
$ 59 .50 / 7 days

All Filters

Exclusive Capture

Unlimited forfeit

Unlimited arrive

SMS notification

Notification by email

Save $5 OFF
iflex 15 DAYS
$ 114 .50 / 15 days

All Filters

Exclusive Capture

Unlimited forfeit

Unlimited arrive

SMS notification

Notification by email

Save $59.50 OFF
iflex 30 DAYS
$ 178 .50 / 30 days

All Filters

Exclusive Capture

Unlimited forfeit

Unlimited arrive

SMS notification

Notification by email


Got Questions? Look Here

Sometimes we all have the same doubt, here we leave you some of them

How do I contact you?

Enter your email in the form, and you will receive a request from us to your email with the necessary information.

What information is required to register an account?

Email, password, phone number, and city where you want to work.

What day can I activate my membership?

Any day of the week, we do not have cut-off dates nor specified connection days. You are free to renew and pay your membership when it suits you best.

Do you have limited spaces per city?

None, we can attend to all the citys without any restriction.

If I stop paying for the membership, do I lose my quota in the system?

Not at all. You are free to renew the moment you want. We do not force any client to make unnecessary payments if they are not going to require the use of the system. Then, when you are ready to return, make the payment, and your system will be reactivated automatically.

What equipment do I need to have to use the system?

None in specific; you can use your preferred device, iPhone, Android, or others.

How can I pay for the membership?

After we configure your Dashboard, you can make the payment of your membership by debit or credit card. All of our payments are processed by Stripe.com

Have more questions? Ask your question here